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"...by far the best user experience of all the feedback tools we've looked at." Nikk Folts, Lead Developer, Gemvara.
Key benefits
Be the first to know
Protect your brand by being the first to know about problems with your website.
Put your site visitors to work
Gather ideas and suggestions from your most valuable asset, your visitors.
Improve visitor satisfaction
Measure and improve visitor satisfaction by continuously listening.
Some of our customers
Why choose Feedbackify?
Keep it simple!
For you, 30 second signup and 5 minute integration. For your site visitors, instant feedback process with no registration required leads to vastly lower feedback drop-out. Everything you need & nothing you don't.
Privacy by default.
We believe that customer's conversations with providers should always, in the first instance, be conducted in private in order to protect both your brand and just as crucially, your customer's privacy.
Leaving so soon?
Do you really want YOUR visitors to leave YOUR site in order to give feedback about YOUR products and services? With Feedbackify, we keep your visitors right where they belong - on YOUR site.
Don't follow the crowd. Lead it.
Your site visitors can come up with some really great suggestions. Feedbackify allows their valuable contributions to be heard without the risk of a vocal minority dictating the future direction of your products or services to the detriment of the silent majority, or your business objectives.